Fantastic Reclaimed Furniture


reclaimed wood table-set-2 reclaimed wood table-1Reclaimed-Wood-Furniture

reclaimed wood Those are some impressions of the amazing reclaimed wood furniture designed by Mac+Wood fom London UK. What’s so special about it?

They’re made from old, hand-select reclaimed wood timbers.

Mac+Wood not only makes fantastic timber and steel tables and benches.

We’re told they will also have reclaimed wood desks in their collection soon.

If you ask me, this is another excellent designer from London who definitely deserves attention. What they make from natural wood is simply outstanding!

Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen | Cookworm | Life and style | The Guardian

A great tip for all who love cooking – especially sea food!

This is the great follow-up book to to 2012′s British Seafood, written by Michelin-starred, Cornwall-based chef Nathan Outlaw, who aims to show you on how to get to the next level of seafood cooking.

If you ever wanted to learn the secrets of how to cook sea food like a pro, the book has it all!

It covers sass, brill, bream, herring, mackerel, oysters, scallops, salmon, trout, tuna and more. It’s inspired by seafood and Outlaw’s creative drive in the kitchen. Check it out, this book is a must for all hobby chefs out there and I can highly recommend it!

found over at Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen | Cookworm | Life and style | The Guardian.

Ergonomics At The Workplace

What is Ergonomics? According to Wikipedia “in essence it is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities. The two terms “human factors” and “ergonomics” are essentially synonymous.”

You may know the term already because increasingly more things we’re dealing and working with on a daily basis, such as furniture, mouse pads, keyboards or computer monitors today are designed using such ergonomically principles.

ergonomic-computer-chairErgonomic furniture or ergonomic input devices can help to reduce strain on our bodies. Ergonomic furniture such as ergonomic chairs for instance would be beneficial for our spine and posture while ergonomic monitors would help reduce fatigue and eye strain.

What is the difference between a modern ergonomic chair and a conventional chair?

Conventional chairs are usually not designed using any of the above principles. One could also say those would be chairs where we need to fit rather than that the chair would fit us.

That would also be chairs that won’t offer any support or cushioning and which as a result would often feel rather uncomfortable to sit on. Ergonomic chairs will also almost always provide multiple way to adjust them in various ways.

An ergonomic computer or desk chair for example may offer ways to adjust its height and tilt and there may be other ways to adjust the chair optimally to the body.

Workstation Assessment

Not all work places and workstation today may adhere to the standards of modern ergonomics. With a workstation assessment, companies can have all the aspects of a workstation inspected by experts. It can help to find the weaknesses and where ergonomics can be improved. This is a great way for a company to make sure that their employees work in environments with minimal risks for their health.

Loughborough University desk extensions research – Loughborough Echo

It’s no secret, sitting for many hours every day is bad!

Now, a company has come up with and extendable arm for desks which can allow keyboards or monitors to be raised so people can alternate position between sitting and standing.

Check out the article “Work standing at your desk for healthy future” found at Loughborough University desk extensions research – Loughborough Echo.

Of course we haven’t got hard evidence yet but certainly from chatting to people who use the desks and from my own experience it does seem people feel they are more alert, you don’t seem to get the afternoon dip you sometimes get after lunch; anecdotally they think it has improved their productivity.

“We are quite excited to see how it goes.” are those being cited who tried the new system.

My Personal Tip If You Like Horse Racing

If you like horse racing, I have an interesting tip and a recommendation for you.

I used to go to the races as so many other do, but needless to say I never won a lot. Even those few times when I won you could bet that I lost most of it again the following weeks.

horse-racing-tips-3Until my cousin Jeremy told me about Bob Rothman, that guy who’s maybe better known as “The Horse Racing Pro” if you’re somewhat familiar with horse racing in the United Kingdom.

He told me I should get in contact with Rob if I need some of the best horse racing tips because he’s offering advice that is way better as compared to some of the systems you can find online.

Low and behold, you can bet I got very interested in that “The Horse Racing Pro” since his website seemed reasonable to me and he has quite some experience in the field as well.

After the bookies banned Bob Rothman because he kept winning with his system each and every time he decided to make his service available for others so they can profit from his experience and get some solid racing bets from him for only a small fee.

I can highly recommend this service if you’re looking for excellent horse racing tips, in fact I haven’t come across a better and more helpful resource for horse racing than Rob’s site, ever! Let him help you to beat the odds at horse racing and don’t fall for any of the other systems out there. Bob is the real deal and he knows horse racing like no other, his tips are pure gold!


BBC News – Chelsea Flower Show gardens unveiled with WW1 theme

The Chelsea Flower Show is opening soon and here is some information from the BBC what you can expect.

Right now, garden designers are making their final preparations for the opening of the show.

Several of the designs there will mark the centenary of World War One.

There will be a variety of gardens designed to look like France and some of them will even be in the design of minefields or trenches. Check the BBC article for more information.

via BBC News – Chelsea Flower Show gardens unveiled with WW1 theme.